Underlayment / Padding / Noise Reduction

Laminate and Vinyl

What is Underlayment?

Floor padding for Laminate, Hardwood, Vinyl.

Underlayment and padding provide moisture protection, stability, and warmth for your floor. They can also help even out minor imperfections in subfloors and dampen the sounds of foot traffic. At Pixel Floors, we know that the right underlayment also goes a long way to extending the life of your flooring.

Questions we are here to answer include:

Which type of floor underlayment should I get? This depends on your type of flooring and the subfloor it will be installed on – and of course, your flooring goals.

Do I need underlayment if my flooring has attached padding? Only if your particular goals are to surpass the performance of the attached padding, or if your subfloor requires further considerations. Read below, and you can also discuss your floor and project with a flooring expert today. 305.639.8670